A private, powerful and simple tool to help streamline the process of presenting and discussing creative work.

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Most of all, Musepeak is great with clients. Musepeak's clean feature makes the site easy to present ideas. Its ability to tag and comment on images makes working remotely with a client the perfect tool for designers.

Bruce Yang, Associate Art Director, Sundog Studios

Musepeak was an essential tool that held our project together. Working internationally with three teams in different countries, Musepeak allowed us to track progress, provide valuable feedback and to make well informed design and branding decisions.

Make Better Work

Musepeak does everything a marketing manager does, but online. And better.

Get sign off faster. Communicate effortlessly. Stay on the same page. Present work professionally. Develop work fearlessly. Spend less time managing and more time creating great work.

Small Studio, Big Service

We are a team of freelance illustrators, photographers and web designers. We don't have the resources to hire marketing managers but our clients expect exceptional service.

We developed Musepeak to help us deliver. We can help you take your freelance business to the next level of service without making a big hire.

Keep on Top of the Creative Process

We built Musepeak to keep our clients in the loop. Get as hands on as you like: you can see work the moment it's uploaded and pass on feedback right away.

Save time: Musepeak only sends you a note when there's something important to look at, leaving you with more time to focus on doing what you're good at: building a business.

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